Clan Reminders for Clash of Clans allows you to set reminders for almost all your Clash of Clan activites:

* Shield Expiration
* Clan War Starts and Endings
* Troop builds
* Star bonus availablity
* Spell factory completions
* and more!

Clan Reminders can be displayed in the iOS Today Screen and notifications are also sent to your Apple Watch.

Reminders are shared by all your iOS devices including the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple Watch.  So your Clan Reminders will be visible no matter what device you're using.

Adding a Clash Reminder

Deleting a Clash Reminder

Clash Reminders on your Today Screen

Clash Reminders on the Apple Watch


Main Screen

Clan Reminders Main Screen

Adding a New Reminder

To add a new Clan Reminder, just tap on the "+" button in the upper right of the main screen (see above) to see a list of all the reminders that can be set..  The list is broken up into 9 sections:

  • Main
  • Defensive Buildings
  • Resource Buildings
  • Army Buildings
  • Elixir Troops
  • Dark Elixir Troops
  • Heros
  • Spells
  • Dark Spells

Just scroll down to a section and tap on the one you're looking for.  When you do, you'll see the Item Details screen for your new reminder (see below)(.

This is where you enter the details for the reminder.  If a level is available for that item, select the appropriate level.  For instance, if you're upgrading your Bowler to level 3, select "3" and the time will automatically be entered.  If there are no levels (i.e. Clan Wars Shield Expiration), a default time is automatically entered.

If you need to adjust, just select the remaining time (i.e. days, hours, and minutes).  The actual calendar date will be displayed.

Deleting a Clan Reminder

From the main Clan Reminders Screen, swipe left on the reminder, then press delete.  


Clan Reminders on the Today Screen

Here's what Clan Reminders looks like in the iOS 10 Today screen.  To add Clan Reminders to your today screen just press the "Edit" button and select "Clan Reminders" from the list and you're all set.

Clan Reminders on the Apple Watch

Clan Reminders on the Apple Watch

Clan Reminder Details on the Apple Watch

Clan Reminder Apple Watch Notification


Can I see my reminders on my Mac?

What platforms does Clan Reminders run on?

  • OS Versions
    • iOS 9.x
    • iOS 10.x
  • Devices
    • Apple iPhone
    • Apple iPad
    • Apple Watch

What does the message "'Clan Reminders' Would like to Send you Notifications?” mean?

  • The Clan Reminders 

How do I view Clan Reminders in the Today Screen?

  • Bring down the Today screen
  • Scroll to the bottom and press “Edit"
  • Find the “Clan Reminders” and press the “+” icon.
  • Tap and Drag the hamburger icon “=“ to any position (i.e. Top) of the list to order.
  • Press done!

How do I view Clan Reminders on my Apple Watch?

If the Clan Reminders Watch App does not install onto the watch, you  can install it manually by:

  • Start the Apple Watch App on the iPhone paired with our watch
  • Select the Clan Reminders App
  • Select the “Show App on Apple Watch” 

How do I view the Clan Reminders Glance on the Apple Watch OS 2”?

  • Start the Apple Watch App on the iPhone paired with our watch
  • Select the Clash Reminders App
  • Select the “Show App on Apple Watch” 
  • Select the “Show in Glances” while your at it.
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I started a build in the game, so why doesn’t it show up in Clan Reminders?

  • Supercell does not allow 3rd party access to the users data.  That's why Clan Reminders exists.  To allow you to easily keep track of your activities in Clash of Clans.  See the section above to Add Reminders.

Disclaimer: "Clan Reminders" is not an official app or affiliated/endorsed by Supercell. "Clash of Clans" and its logos are trademarks of Supercell and this app was made according with Supercell's Fan Content Copyright Policy:


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