The Rhyming Game on the iOSBus

 On the iOSBus we travel the country looking for new iOS apps to write.  Our favorite pastime is rhyming words.  Now we’ve made it possible for you to join us in our Rhyming Adventures.  Using your SMS on your phone you can find rhyming words and teach us new words.  Here is how:

Rhyming Words

To get a rhyming words, send SMS message of the rhyme command to the number “41411" on your mobile phone.  The Rhyme command format is:

     IOSBUS rhyme <word>

<word> is the word your want to rhyme with.

For example, if you wanted a word that rhymes with “happy”, you send to the number “41411” the following SMS message: 

     IOSBUS rhyme happy

If the rhyming word has been found (i.e. “pappy”),  you will see the following response:

     pappy rhymes with happy

if a rhyming word has not been found, you will see the following message response:

I have no rhymes for happy

More Rhyming Words

Once you've gotten your first rhyme, you can easily see the other words on the list by sending to the number j"41411" the next word command ('n').  Following the example above, you can see the next work by just entering:


you see the following message:

sappy rhymes with happy

Once you've view all of the list of rhyming words, the following message will be returned:

No more words

Removing words from the list

While going through the list of rhyming words above, If you find a word that doesn't rhyme with the word, you can remove it by sending:


you see the following confirmation message (following the example above):

sappy has been removed

Learning a New Rhyming Word

After seeing the list of words, you want to add a new word, just enter the learn command.  The learn command looks like this:

IOSBUS learn <word> <rhyming word>

<word> is the base word ("happy" in our example above) and <rhyming word> is a the word you want to add that it rhymes with.  Entering:

IOSBUS learn rock talk

This will teach the Rhyming game a new word.  Talk now rhymes with rock:

Learning rock rhymes with tock

The list of commands

If you're ever on the road and you've forgotten what the commands are, just send:


And you'll see all the available commands:

commands: rhyme, learn, n, r, help

Happy Rhyming!